Ice cube suppliers

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Ice cubes for your party

Whether you’re having a family get-together or planning a fun party with your friends, we can deliver ice cubes and crushed ice based on your requirements. We deliver bags of ice cubes and crushed ice to you, giving you great value for money. If you need bulk ice deliveries, give us a call today. We suggest that you have ice delivered to your party 2-3 hours prior to the arrival of your guests, to allow for chilling. It does sound funny, but trust us, it's true!
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Why Choose Our Ice Cubes?

We manufacture and distribute our own ice. Our ice is filtered and micro-biologically tested. We work hard to ensure that you receive highest quality ice. Contact us today for services in London and Greater London.

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Durable packaging

Crystal clear and hygienic

All our ice is triple filtered and UV filtered

Available in 12 kg bags

Delivered in temperature controlled vehicles

Ice cube delivery is available 7 days a week

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